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Fred, Andy and Pat talk with men and women who have and are shaping the sports industry.

june 10, 2019

Dedan Brozino, Chief Development Officer at the Rose Bowl talks about his path within the sports industry, and provides advice for students who are currently in school, trying to get into the industry.


June 3, 2019

Solly Fulp, Senior VP at Learfield-IMG College talks about college athletics within the sports industry, and provides advice and insights for those looking to get into college athletics and sponsorships.


may 28, 2019

Tom Fox, President of the San Jose Earthquakes, talks about his path along with Professional Soccer within the sports industry, and provides insights into the future of Soccer and sports globally.


may 22, 2019

Ted Robinson, Legendary Broadcaster talks about his path within the sports industry, and provides insights about the broadcasting landscape within sports.


may 13, 2019

Patty Hubbard, Founder of BFWD talks about agencies within the sports industry, and provides advice for students who are currently in school, trying to get into the industry.


march 11, 2019

Jeff Fellenzer, Associate Professor at USC, talks about the sports industry, and provides advice for students who are currently in school, trying to get into the industry.

Jim Kozimor LIFO.jpg

march 5, 2019

Jim Kozimor, broadcaster of the NBC Sports Crew talks about his play-by-play career across the industry, and the various aspects of working in sports, and work-life balance.

John LIFO.jpg

February 25, 2019

John McDonough, President and CEO of the Chicago Blackhawks, and former President of the Chicago Cubs talks about his career in Chicago and the various aspects that have lead to his accomplishments and decisions.

Pam LIFO.jpg

February 18, 2019

Pam Gardner, Former President of the Astros, joins Pat Gallagher as she talks about her career with the Astros, and women in baseball.

Janice LIFO .jpg

february 13, 2019

Dr. Janice Hilliard, former Vice President of Player Development of the NBA, talks about her career, female and diversity topics across working in sports.


February 11, 2019

Tod Leiweke, CEO of NHL Seattle expansion franchise, joins Pat Gallagher as they talk about customer service, culture, leadership, and communication.

Ron Seaver .jpg

february 5, 2019

Ron Seaver, Founder of the National Sports Forum joins Andy Dolich to talk about the upcoming 2019 NSF in Las Vegas and how it all got started!

Pete .jpg

February 4, 2019

Pete Paciorek, Athletics Director at Principia College joins Life in the Front Office to talk about character, life skills, and college athletics.


January 28, 2019

CEO Rose Bowl Darryl Dunn joins Fred Claire to talk careers, and dive into Darryl’s experiences and the sports events business in Pasadena.

Bill Schlough

january 21, 2019

San Francisco Giants CIO Bill Schlough Joins Andy Dolich to talk about Giants, technology, careers, life, and the Bay Area.

Jeff LIFO .jpg

January 21, 2019

Cooperstown President Jeff Idelson joins Pat Gallagher to talk baseball, the Hall of Fame, technology, public relations, and more.

Steve Brener

January 14, 2019

Steve Brener, President of BZA, joins Fred Claire to talk about their PR careers at the Dodgers, and what Public Relations and Communications looks like in today’s day and age.

Jake Hirshman

January 7, 2019

Andy Dolich takes over as the host to start 2019 off by and introduce the host of Life in the Front Office Jake Hirshman, and dive into his young career thus far.

Rick White

January 6, 2019

Rick White, President of the Atlantic League, joins Fred Claire to talk about the landscape of baseball in parts people may not know about. They dive into how to get started in sport and what life lessons they’ve learned through their careers.

Brent LIFO.jpg

december 24, 2019

CRO of the 49ers, Brent Schoeb joins Andy Dolich as they talk sponsorships, technology, and work life balance.

Marissa LIFO.jpg

december 20, 2018

Dr. Marissa Nichols, Director of Leadership and Career Development at Boston University Athletics and Dr. Nancy Lough from UNLV provide insights and advice to student-athletes, anyone wanting to work in college athletics and women wanting to work in sports.

Staci Slaughter

december 12, 2018

San Francisco Giants EVP Staci Slaughter joins Pat Gallagher to talk about career paths, communications, work-life balance, and women in sports.

Chris Smith

December 11, 2018

CEO of Athlete Network, Chris Smith, and VP of Partnerships Brett Fuller join Life in the Front Office as they talk about their business, student-athletes, networking, and what it’s like to be entrepreneurs in the sports industry.

Ari LIFO.jpg

december 6, 2018

Fred Claire talks with guest Ari Kaplan who is entering his 31st year in Major League Baseball and has worked with more than two-thirds of the organizations around the league. Fred and Ari talk about the upcoming Winter Meetings, analytics, and where the game is heading in the future with the advancement of analytics in the game.

Rick Welts LIFO .jpg

november 26, 2018

Rick Welts, President of the Golden State Warriors, joins Pat Gallagher as they talk about enjoying the journey and life lessons learned through sports.

Buffy Filipell

November 11, 2018

CEO of Teamwork Online, Buffy Filippel Joins Andy Dolich as they talk about various topics about the Landscape of the Sports Industry, getting into sports, and how the industry is changing rapidly.


october 23, 2018

Bill Shumard joins the show with Fred Claire and the two dive into finding fulfillment in working in sports and how to network, including your advisory board, and circles of 12.

Pat LIFO.jpg

october 16, 2018

Pat Gallagher talks about standing out and how to do so. He covers one of his favorite topics in being a problem solver and not a problem creator. Pat provides great insights from his experiences in sports business industry.


october 9, 2018

Andy Dolich sheds some light on his theories on leadership within the business of sports. Andy goes over his eight scopes of leadership and eleven T's of leaders.


october 4, 2018

Fred Claire talks abour mentorships, being a mentor, and how to find a mentor. This episode reaches all parties involved in how to get the most out of mentor relationships.


september 27, 2018

Pat Gallagher provides insightful advice, stories, and wisdom for those looking to get into the entertainment business we call sports business.

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september 21, 2018

Andy Dolich, our 2nd featured star of the show talks about his life in the front office, and his journey through 45+ years of sports in the industry. He covers everything from his career, to lessons learned, to advice for those seeking one, and what he is up to now.


september 14, 2018

Life in the Front Office starts its Journey with the first episode introducing Fred Claire, and exploring his career and the impact he’s made in other lives.